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How To...


Below we give the answers to the most common requests we at Global Consulting receive on the subject "How to...".
Those answers might be suprisingly simple and the solutions offered are not that much expensive you could even imagine.  

You are welcome to leave your request at the bottom of this page, if you could not find the answer you were searching for. Thank you!



How To Reduce Greenhouse Gasses Emission by Implementing The Industrial Energy-Saving Technology. Copyrighted by Global Consulting. Click here to download.


Q. How to do HOME EFFICIENCY AUDIT for your home or office free, and to save big money on your energy and water bills?
A. For US residents, we offer to click on the link below.
All others however can learn and make a list of what necessary to do from this particular website we direct you to depending on the climate zone/location you have might chosen for audit. Easy, simple and free audit! Start it now!



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Q. How to bring GREEN TECHNOLOGY to your home?

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