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 On this page we will describe our firm's current areas of interest.

Our Current Areas of Interest:



Particular Projects of interest:


1.       Illinois Project to Reduce Greenhouse

Gases Emission and to Increase Energy Efficiency.

(Focus Area for participation: Climate Change,

Business Opportunities, Business Challenge)

2.       Smart Energy Solutions.

3.       Promoting “Smart Building” Technologies.


4.       Healthy Ecology Strategies.


          International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor

For more details, see:

Particular Project of Interest:

New Energy Technologies in the Global Energy Strategy.


          Increase of Efficiency of Electric Power Plants and

      Energy Systems.


          Condensation of Steam-Gas Mixture in Hurricanes

      and Control of Hurricane Energy.


          Helium – 3 (Lunar Fuel) Excavation Plant Design.

Particular Project of interest:

Buildings Construction in the Weightlessness.


          Hydrogen Protons Against Aging of All Living on Earth

Particular area of interest:

Practical Implementation of the Theory.


          Industrial Utilization of Hazardous Gaseous, Dry and

Liquid Wastes

Our firm has enjoyed great success, and we will continue to grow into the future.



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