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How To Reduce the Cost of Electricity Production

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How to Dramatically Reduce the Cost of Electricity Production

by avoiding unexpected stops at electric power plants

caused by a beyond-normal vibration at turbine generator sets?


Every year, the electric power generating industry loses billions of dollars at electric power plants worldwide when the turbine generator sets run into unexpected stops because of beyond-normal vibration. In addition to losing the money by non-generating electricity, another huge loss comes from non-producing associated revenues.


Design-wise, whether it is fossil-burnt, nuclear, wind, or other power driven plant, it does not matter for vibration caused loss to happen. Still, the basic rotating electricity generating element of the plant remains same. And same will be the offered principle of dampening the unwanted vibrations.


Work for chemical industry, electric, power and energy transportation? – Same situation in the world. Every year, those industries lose greatly in the world due to machinery and apparatuses running into unexpected stops caused by vibration. And you know how much you can cut in the cost of the final product and associated revenues, if you cut those losses.


How to avoid those stops and make world’s electricity generating machinery more efficient and safe, eventually reducing cost of electricity production?


The new method and the specified bodies-wings are invented and patented in the USA with easy installation, or simple modification of the machinery’s design, for this purpose.




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Turbine Generator Vibration Damper System. Apparatus. Patent US7,026,736

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Patent Attorney

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